Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Requirements When You Travel to Mexico

You will find immense number of travel guides once you have reach in the premises of Mexico but they will only assist you if you would have entered the territory legally and with all the permission from your home country. People who reside in the U.S.A are often in the habit of travelling across the border to destinations like Canada and Mexico. In order to enter the borders of Mexico, US citizens need a passport or a photo ID like driving license or a certified birth certificate. If you want to stay up to 180 days then there is no requirement of visa, However if you are planning for an extensive trip or immigration then there is a requirement of visa.

If you are a British National, you need a British passport and must carry a tourist card. If you have endorsed British citizen passport then you may not need a visa to stay in the premises of Mexico for 180 days. If the passport is endorsed as British national Overseas then the limit of visa expiring date shrinks to 90 days. Travelers must have all the required documents to fulfill the travel requirements of Mexico. All the other necessary documents include birth certificates, visa papers, National Identity card, Driving license, etc. The travel requirements for Mexico are same for Canadian and Australian citizens.