Monday, December 20, 2010

E-cig Atomizers

E-cig atomizer comes with the package of electronic cigarette. It’s basically the main body of the cigarette. The E-cig comes in three parts, one is the battery, second is the cartridge tip and the third is the atomizer. This atomizer is the heart of the cigarette. This e-cig battery operated. All the three parts are connected into a single one which than looks like a regular cigarette. A person cannot normally differentiate between an e-cig and a regular cigarette. The reason is that the shape and color of e-cig is all the same. The e-cig atomizer is heated by the battery once it’s switched on. The atomizer makes steam or vapors. There is a cartridge between the atomizer and the smoker’s mouth. This cartridge has flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. when the smoker inhales the vapors from the e-cig atomizer; the flavor is added to it through the cartridge which lies in-between. The feeling of smoking the e-cig atomizer is all the same as regular one but technically you are just smoking steam or vapors.

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