Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Car Dealers

I have come across this new car dealers website and I would surely like to write something about it.

I was searching for car dealers near my area when I found this website. Its called Wexu, (I don't know what does this name

stands for ( but it provides quite huge database of all local car dealers in any state, or even in cities of

America. For example, lets say if you are looking for a Ford car dealers in Chicago, the you can just checkout Ford Chicago or similarly Toyota Houston for Toyota car dealers in Houston. I tried even smaller

cities and it worked great for them also. I am really impressed. I have been looking for such a car dealers site from long.

So if you are looking for any local dealers of car and don't know where to look for, I would surely recommended this small online car dealers website to help you. I am sure it would be of great help to you.

Wedding Makeup That Lasts

Wedding Makeup that Lasts

On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup artist.

Use a makeup base. Several cosmetic companies offer products that go on under your eye makeup or lipstick that help your makeup last. Eye makeup base provides a layer that your eyeshadow and eyeliner can adhere to. This prevents creasing and helps the colour stay on longer. They offer similar products for lipstick. However, try to find a lipstick base that is also moisturizing. Some products contain ingredients that dry the lips out. You'll need your lips to stay nice and moist so you can smile all day.

Get rid of extra shine. A shiny face looks even worse in photographs, especially if the photographer uses a flash. After washing your face, apply an oil controlling product. After that absorbs, apply a thin layer of loose powder. Apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual. Follow up with another thin layer of loose powder. Carry some pressed powder with you so you can control any shine as the day progresses.

Lasting lipstick. One of the first things to fade is your lipstick. Follow these tips that will help your lipstick last. First, apply a moisturizing lip base. Then, apply lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than your lipstick. Use a soft pencil. Fill the lips in with the pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and blot gently. Apply another coat of lipstick but this time do not blot. Press a thin layer of facial tissue gently to your lips. Using a large brush, apply a thin layer of pressed powder to the tissue. The tissue acts as a screen, letting in only a small amount of powder. The powder helps the lipstick set and keeps it on longer.

Pack a makeup bag. No matter how hard you try to create a lasting look, you still may need to do some minor touch ups throughout the day. Pack pressed powder, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow just in case your colour needs a boost.

Sally Lopez is a freelance writer and marketing manager of Marcell "Professional Make-up Artists".To learn more about wedding makeup and the latest makeup tips visit

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Advantages of Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Effective marketing defines the success or failure for businesses of any size. You won't have one single customer unless they know your products no matter how good your products or service are. They won't buy from you unless they know your products and think they're good and worth their money. Small businesses have traditionally used yellow page listing, ads on local newspapers, or word of the mouth to reach target market. The emergence and popularity of Internet give them the leverage to compete against large corporations. A small business faces more challenges than large corporations that have access to vast resources to promote their products and services.

In major US cities, local Internet marketing firms are armed with technology and experience to help small business for online promotion. For instance, a Boston moving company or a Boston personal injury lawyer may seek help from a Boston Internet Marketing company for its online marketing. A major effort of online marketing is Web marketing besides email marketing etc. Web marketing or Web presence involves with creation of quality Web sites, bring visitors to the Websites, and convert the visitors to the customers. When it comes to the Web design, the Boston moving company may search for a Boston Web design company that suits the needs. A Boston SEO company, on the other hand, will work on generating visitors and conversion. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process and techniques that generate search traffic. Since both Web design and SEO are the integral parts of Internet marketing. The chances are a small business will find a few online marketing firms that offer complete online marketing solution.

Marketing is a process intended to make consumers aware of certain products and services whether you make sales online or not. Goods can be acquired at your local store or via Internet. Even for small businesses that don't operate or plan to operate e-commerce website for online transaction, an effective website will service as an online brochure to help your customers to research your products further before they go to your store for purchase.

While the Boston SEO company may have the expertise to design the web site and bring the visitors to your site, it is the owner of the business who understands the customers and the products best. The active involvement of the business owner and the proactive interaction with the SEO company of your choice is the start point to the online marketing success.

Information Systems Failures - The Failures of Leadership

When we say hi-tech, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is Information technology - computers, digital gadgets and high definition TV. The business side of the story of information technology is totally different from the consumer side. It’s common to see the failures of million dollar IT projects. - >ERP, CRM or Supply Chain projects.

There’re many causes of information system failures - the complexity of the technology, the evolution of business processes and practice. The number one cause of information system failure is, however, the failure of leadership or management. We can hardly find a CFO who isn’t a CPA (Certified Public Account), but it’s common see a senior vice president of IT who used to be a printer salesman, a vice president of IT who happened selling cars for GM for years, or an IT director or manager who knows more about restaurant than computers. For computer technicians, A+ certification is an industry standard for qualification of the jobs, but for system analysis and design, there’s no such industry standard certification. If IT management is not required to understand the technical details of information technology, they should at least know how information systems should be implemented.

The history of ERP has been full of IT project failures that ran by managers who don’t have either IT degrees or hands-on experience. The progress of CRM has come at the loss of billions of dollars. The implementation of supply chain is even more challenging and painful as it requires the collaborations across organization boundary. This is another topic to figure out the reason for lack of industry standard certification for IT management or analysts. Before that happens, IT management needs to understand >ERP definition, or what is ERP before they threw out millions of dollars, then just say we’ve learned a lesson. That lesson was too expensive.

Your business card - an impression that can last

You don't have to have a master’s degree to realize how important business cards are – a genuine inexpensive promotional tool. As the saying goes, “first impressions last”. And in the business world, each business card you give away often projects your first impression to the recipient – a potential client. Thus, you ought to make sure that once you distribute your business cards, its design and message does not automatically get thrown in the trash bin; that it sticks to the recipient and creates the right impression. After all, that small card you’re holding represents someone very important – you.

Before you create your business card design, take note that the traditional black and white is no longer that fashionable. Nowadays, more people prefer color business cards that compliment their business image and/or logo. Be careful in selecting colors though and do not put more than three. Remember, the colors you choose can either make your card look amateurish and detracting to your potential client, or it can reflect the professionalism and excellence of the owner.

Meticulous as it may seem, details such as the size, paper quality, color, and message design in business cards do matter. Although business card templates abound nowadays, and there are some really good ones I might add, it is still important to add a personal touch to your business cards. For instance, in this era where you can get information printed on just about anything, try to get your contact information printed on something that people would consider leaving in plain sight.

With all these, do not forget the most important content of your business card: your personal information. Include your name, phone number, fax number, website, e-mail and street addresses and company logo. Make sure that they are readable; otherwise you are foregoing the purpose of having a business card. Additionally, you can also add other useful information to the back of your card.

Shopping Online in Holiday Reason

It’s interested that major holidays of all countries and all religions are celebrated in the winter - Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. Scholars believe that the cold weather in the winter has kept people away from work in farms traditionally and they have more to enjoy and celebrate what the year has brought to the families and communities. But Christmas is the birthday day of Jesus Christ. I always wonder what the world would like is Jesus was born in July or August. Or maybe, our ancestors just combined the birthday of Jesus with winter celebration.

A holiday season is always a shopping season. What a holiday would be like without shopping? In the major retailing stores in US - Macy’s, Best Buy, and even discount stores like Walmart, consumers are lined up for hours to grab gifts for family and friends for the Christmas celebration. What many people may not noticed is that there’s another wave of shopping happens in front of computer screens - online shopping.

Online shopping has become more and more popular and the sales of consumer portion of e-commerce has reached tens of billions of dollars. It’s still small compared with the amount of money that people spend in malls. The history of commerce dated to at least 40 years ago when businesses conducted EDI (or Electronic Data Interchange) in 1960 long before the Internet was conceived. Some schools trace the commerce history back to the invention of telephone more than a hundred years ago. This depends on how we look at commerce definition. The e-commerce in consumer market wouldn’t enjoy its success today without the popularity of the Internet and the Web in middle 1990s. In just a few years, consumers flocks to the net for convenience of shopping among the things of other benefits of commerce. It’s fascinating to see what the e-commerce landscape would be like 10 years from now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Photoshop For Beginners

Using Photoshop is like driving a bicycle: once you learn, you’ll never forget. It is very easy to use Photoshop for your image editing needs once you learn how by using Photoshop Tutorial which is a great place to start; it would become second nature to you. But just like learning to ride a bicycle, learning to use Photoshop is never easy. Color palettes and the confusing assortment of menus are sure to discourage even the most valiant beginner. Truth is, Photoshop is a very comprehensive tool such that even a professional Photoshop user would be surprised when he does something with it that he never knew was possible.

The fact that learning Photoshop is a very daunting endeavor need not stop you, however. Photoshop was designed for human use so be not afraid to try it. The trick is in trying it first.

To try it, prepare a simple image that you have already backed up since you are certain to botch it your first try. And since learning Photoshop is best done through experience, do not hesitate to try each and every single tool in the vast menus that you have a mind at trying. This would help familiarize you with what these tools can do for you. Of course, you should also read the help section for more specific information and shortcut Photoshop Tools.

After the first try, do not give up. Practice your Photoshop prowess countless times and read more self-help literature for more assistance and check out plenty of Photoshop Tutorials at PS Workshop. In no time at all, you’ll be zipping through Photoshop like a pro.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Save Your Phone Bill with Internet phone

VoIP is the technology that allows consumers to make phone calls (local, long distance or international) with an Internet connection, instead of traditional phone service. Since Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge a fixed monthly fee for connection, sdo theoretically, you could make unlimited phone calls free. In order to do that, you’ll need a VoIP providers. What VoIP service provides is the translation of your voice to data packets transmitting over the Internet when you talk, and the translation of data packets conveying the voice messages from other end of the phone to the voice that you can hear when you listen on the phone.

There’s a cost of using VoIP service of course. After all, VoIP providers need to make money just as what ISPs do. Vonage phone service is one of mostly used VoIP services. VoIP providers charge a flat monthly service fee between $20-$50 dependent on the service provider and the plan. If you make a lot of calls especially expensive international calls, the saving from many minutes of free international calls using VoIP will easily justify the flat fee you paid for VoIP service. If you don’t talk often but have a high speed Internet connection already, the choice to sign up with a VoIP service is still justified since you could completely drop the standard local and long distance phone services you use. If you don’t talk often on the phone and don’t have a high speed or broadband Internet connection, VoIP service is likely more expensive that standard phone service. You’ll have to pay for broadband Internet connection.

The quality of VoIP service rivals traditional telephone service now even though many users still have the memory of poor sound quality and connectivity that markek the early VoIP. N fact, VoP has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service. There’re many VoIP providers and a few major players. For instance, Vonage boasts over one million subscribers and offer service in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and other European countries. Vonage VoIP continues to offer new services and plans to meet the needs of both business and residential markets. Small businesses could use VoIP as an alternative to 1-800 numbers to cut down the cost of phone bills.

Evolution of VoIP and Internet Phone

The history of VoIP or Internet Telephony dated back to 1995 when a few hobbyists developed software for sending voice data packets over the Internet, so they could make unlimited long distance calls free of charges. Early VoIP were with poor sound quality and connectivity. Besdies, it required both callers to have a computer equipped with the same software, the same sound card and the same microphone. Today, the quality of voice over IP now is crystal clear and rivals the one of traditional telephone. The VoIP services from leading provider Vonage are subscribed by over one million users by 2006.

VoIP landscape changed drastically when Cisco and Nortel entered the VoIP market with hardware equipment that allowed easy switch between standard phones and the voice data packets on the Internet in 1998. The new hardware made the VoIP hardware less computer dependent.

VoIP finally took off in 2000. It has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service since then. The growing acceptance of VoIP in both business and residential phone use is evidential in the phenomenal success of Vonage, a major player in VoIP market today. Vonage offered VoIP service to business communities in 2001 and signed its first residential customer in 2002. Year 2003 was marked by the first platform for 911 calls on VoIP software. Between 2004 to 2005, Vonage launched VoIP service in Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and other European countries. Vonage phone service charges a monthly service fee, and calls (local, long distance or international) are technical free or unlimited. With more than one million subscribers this year, Vonage VoIP continues to offer new services and plans to meet the needs of both business and residential markets. Some small businesses have started to take the advantage of the flat fee of VoIP plans. They now have an alternative to 1-800 numbers to interact with their customers.

How to Pick Sweet and Unique Birthday Gifts

Sweet childhood reminds us the sweet memory of different flavors of candies: Hershey chocolate, Bubblicious and LifeSavers. Most children have a natural passion for sweets, so a candy present is almost a must-give when it comes to birthday gifts.

Among the easiest birthday gift ideas, rock candy is easy to prepare, just dissolve sugar in water and boil stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until the solution grows clear reaching a rolling boil. Put the mixture in a jar and cover with waxed paper with a string or skewer suspended in it, and after one week you will have rock candy as the water evaporates.

Major discount marts, supermarkets, and convenience stores offer a large array of birthday gifts made up of chocolate candy such as World's Finest Chocolates, so just a visit can inspire your own home-made birthday gifts. Adult birthday celebrations must not be left out, and there are also many birthday gift ideas based on candy.

Some specialty stores sell true artwork carved on chocolate candy or molded in sugar free candy reproducing famous sculptures or everyday symbols like a heart or the type of cherubs representing Valentine's Day. In fact, many birthday gifts are associated to other common celebrations such as Mother's Day, Halloween or Christmas because birthdays occur any day throughout the year.

Surprise your beloved ones with sweet birthday gift ideas designed with them in mind. There are a number of birthday gifts promoted as "the candy you ate as a kid". These gifts are an assortment of popular candies from the 1950s such asLindt Chocolates, Necco Wafers, BB Bats, Kits, Bun, Nestle chocolate, Ice Cubes, and other fresh old-fashioned Chocolate candy.

History of Chocolate: Now and Then

The sweet history of Chocolate can be traced back to thousands of years. Ancient people brewing the seeds of the cacao tree into a yummy beverage was the beginning of the wide assortment of chocolates that we enjoy today. Once chocolate was discovered by European conquests, it became a treat only the wealthiest could afford. Sugar and spices used to sweeten it were expensive too and out of the common man's reach. It was in the 1800's that the industrial age and mass production made chocolate candy affordable for everyone.

As chocolate candy became more popular and accepted worldwide, more companies were established, and many others disappeared shortly after. In the United States, the pioneer was Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, founded in 1852. Ghirardelli chocolate was the first American brand.

Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Chocolate Company after visiting the Columbian Exposition. Hershey sold his former Lancaster Caramel Company, but retained the rights to produce American chocolate products. Hershey chocolate was just the beginning of one of the most successful business in the United States.

Along with Lindt Chocolates, Nestle chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, and Hershey chocolate, Mars is the other brand of chocolate candy sharing the top five as producer of some of the World's Finest Chocolates.

Different brands from different origins, the top chocolate candy brands are manufactured in America, preferred by consumers for about one hundred years, and ahead of other chocolate products distributed or produced in the United States, a nation that exports today the World's Finest Chocolates all over the world.

Chocolate candy became a big hit in stores in the form of the candy bar. It took its place proudly on the general store shelf next to the gum drop, hard candy and candy cane bins of the day. From that meager beginning, the varieties available today are mind boggling. Chocolate candy is available in many different flavors, shapes and with limitless ingredients. Some ingredients such as nuts and fruits are complimentary to the flavor and texture of the chocolate and left whole or diced inside the candy bar. Spices and other flavorings are also added to enhance the chocolate or add interesting flavor notes. Some people can taste a story in their chocolate candy. The flavor medley tells them through their tongue what region of the world each ingredient came from. Travel by chocolate!

Chocolate can also be enjoyed either inside a candy coating or as a coating itself over other yummy treats such as ice cream.

Sports Gifts for Men and Boys

If women love flowers, jewelries and performs, then men and boys love sports and sports accessories. When it comes to pick gift ideas for men or boys, sports gifts are always welcomed regardless the occasions - Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, Valentine's Gift Ideas for boyfriend, or graduation gifts for teens.

If your boyfriend is a football fan, a ticket to a football game or football shirt shows that you really know what he likes. If your husband actually plays soccer, soccer shoes, shin-guards, soccer jersey, or a soccer ball will really turn him on. Tickets to a soccer game, or a video type for playing soccer are unique Valentine’s gift ideas for husband too.

For your teenager sons who like swimming or skating, books about swimming and a personalized skater are personalized gifts that they will remember for years to come. For your little boys, a scooter, better with a superman sign on it, will get them excited for weeks and months.

The gift ideas for boyfriend, man, husband or boys are only limited by your imagination even though it’s more challenging to come up with gift ideas for men than gift ideas for women. Besides sports gifts, tech toys, car toys, or digital gadgets are loved by men of all age too. They’re perfect Valentine's gifts for men and boys. An iPod is a precious gift choice for boys or teenagers, a Personal Digital Assistant (or PDA) would actually help a professional or businessman’s work beside the symbolic meaning of gifts.

For gift giving, it's the thoughts that count more the gifts themselves. It's the presence that counts more than the presents themselves.

How to Pick Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers for Women

While New year’s day marking the end of winter holiday season and holiday shopping, Valentine’s Day is just about a few weeks away. Each February 14th, people around the world send millions of greeting cards and flowers to their loved ones. Even for the countries that don’t celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Valentine’s Day. If religions divide the people, then love unites the world. When it comes to Valentine's gifts, we’re really talking about flowers and especially the flowers for women. When we say Valentine's day, we really mean beautiful flowers. Men love flowers too. Men are searching for Valentines day flowers, and women send Valentines flowers to men as well.

The symbolic meanings of a particular flower and color of flowers have been formed over many centuries. They are often associated with moving fairytales too. To lovers, red roses are always the first and the best choice for Valentine's Day flowers. Red color is associated with romance and the love from the heart. The relationship you have with your girlfriend affects the color of roses you send. Red roses are generally reserved for longer relationships where the couple is passionately in love. Pink roses are more appropriate for a newer and fresher relationship. They symbolize the relationship and happiness, but do not put any pressure on the girl regarding your feelings other than to let her know you really like her. However, many girls would rather receive the flowers and certain color of flowers they love, instead of the flowers that their significant others would like them to receive. Any color of rose is appropriate as long as your girlfriend is passionate about a certain color. Primrose, in essence, says that you cannot live without her. Red signifies passion, pink that she is on your mind and white sweetness.

If you are buying flowers for a daughter or a mom, then affectionate and cheerful flowers are more appropriate - wild flowers, tulips, Gerber daisies, or any flower that is a woman's particular favorite. Pink, yellow, orange, or white roses are popular choice and appropriate for a mom or daughter Every woman loves roses, and the alternate colors brighten up the rose as well as show love in a non-romantic way. Red roses are reserved only for romantic relationships.

Of course, Valentine Gifts are not limited to just flowers. If you lsten what she says and look at what she does, you’ll surely come up with gft deas to surprse her with love. Jewelries and perfumes are perfect Valentine's Gift Ideas for girlfriend or wife too.

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U Tube

In My Opinion one of the best buzzs on the internet these days is u tube you can get rid of the tv because getting to that point of laughter sometimes is really healthy so I thought that I would make sure everyone knew what u tube video clips were and how you could benifit from them . There are many differnet categories at u tube so you should be able to find just what you are looking for from Sport to Automotive see example here utube automotive videos well hope you enjoy your videos . Catch you soon - Audio and Web Conference Calls

Audio and Web Conference Calls

Looking for a conference call company that offers web conferencing and local or international conference calls at prices well below the competition? has all of these services bundled together, and offers excellent service and 24/7 customer support.

Check out their site and receive 60 minutes of free conference call service with no stings attached. offers competitive rates too, which is something you usually won’t find with a full-featured teleconferencing company; in addition the rate decreases automatically as your volume increases. There is no setup fee or minimum monthly charge; you simply pay for what you use. offers direct digital connections, and has relationships with major long distance service providers ensuring that you will get the highest quality service available, along with prices of 50% less than other conference call service providers. Whatever your web or audio conferencing requirements, offers a high quality service to meet your needs. - Audio and Web Conferencing - Audio and Web Conferencing

Looking to impress your clients with your next web presentation? is the perfect company to help you close that important business deal. Recently acquired by telecommunications giant Premiere Global Services, Netspoke offers a full variety of web conference, audio conference and reservationless or assisted teleconferencing services.

Invite over 500 people to your next team meeting or seminar with Netspoke’s web conference service and host a highly productive event at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face meetings. Engage your audience and boost participation with professional operator assisted conferencing. Netspoke will manage every detail of your conference from beginning to end.

Netspoke boasts an impressive client list, and is now owned by Premiere Global Services, so your company can be confident going into their next web or audio conferencing meeting knowing that the presentation will be a smashing success. - Audio Conferencing - Audio Conferencing

With all the teleconferencing companies out there these days, choosing the best service for your needs can be confusing to say the least. Some require long contracts and commitments, and many of the well known telecommunications companies charge outrageous prices.

Well, I’ve found the most inexpensive conference calls service available. specializes in providing audio conferencing for under $20 a month. If you currently are paying more than 3.9 cents for your conference calls (and who isn’t) then you should check them out. uses the latest audio conferencing technology on the market for the highest quality conference call experience, so you are paying the best price available and you are still receiving a great quality service. offers access to toll or toll free numbers, can handle up to 125 participants in your call, and provides all the features and controls you need to conduct a professional conference call event.

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Great Directory by Jim Westergren!

Jim Westergren has again done a fantastic site - this time a directory.

Check out Add It has over 30 000 active links, very nice detail pages and real time editing of links from users.

Here you can for example see a the category Business.

What is also very nice for those submitting is that they can preview the detail listing and edit their links even before the link is officially approved by the editor.

Getting Instant Secured Loans

Although taking your time to find a loan is the best option, there are times when this simply isn’t possible and you need money fast. Generally, these loans will be needed for a short period of time, after which you can pay the money back. Although there are a number of instant unsecured loans on the market, they are usually for small amounts of money. If you need a larger amount of cash quickly, then you should look at an instant secured loan. Instant secured loans can help you can get a decision in just a few minutes, even if you have a poor credit history.There are many reasons why you might need a loan within a very short space of time, although it is usually due to unexpected expenses that you could not hope to budget for. These expenses are usually essential, and can include items such as car repairs, healthcare costs and house repair costs. If you don't have the money readily available but need to pay these expenses fast, then an instant secured loan might be the best option. This is especially true if you have a poor credit history and are unable to get an unsecured loan.

The Thrifty Scot

The Scottish people have earned themselves a reputation through the years as a plain spoken, down to earth and honest bunch of folks. It makes sense, then, that one of the best sources of financial advice on the Internet should be ThriftyScot.ThriftyScot is a simple, easily navigable site that gives no nonsense, down to earth advice on personal finance. Arranged into several categories, ThriftyScot's advice guides you through the often confusing world of personal finance and leads you towards the best money-saving deals available.Of all the categories offered at ThriftyScot perhaps the most useful is the credit cards section. With advice on credit cards offered by a wide range of lenders.Beyond the credit card pages, ThriftyScot offers fantastic advice on remortgages and secured loans. Since a home tends to be the most expensive and important purchase of your life, it makes sense to find good solid advice before you take out a mortgage. Additionally, it's just as important that you make sure you have all the facts before you take out a loan that uses your home as collateral.

Credit Cards Vs Debit Cards

Although credit cards are the most popular forum of credit around, alternatives such as the charge card also have their benefits. Despite both forms of cards being popular, many people do not know the difference between them. If you are looking for the best type of credit, then you really should compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and charge cards. They might serve the same purpose, but if you know the differences between them you can get the right type of credit for your needs and hopefully save yourself some money.It is hard to say which type of card is better, although if you want to carry a balance then you have to opt for a credit card. Credit cards generally have more flexibility, as you can pay the money back more slowly. Credit cards also have the facility for 0% balance transfers which gives a huge advantage. However, if you are someone who always pays his or her bills back in full each month, a charge card might be the answer. This will give you greater spending power when you need it without allowing you to go into debt and pay interest on it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

My Rant On Archery Bows

I am here today to rant about archery. I started this sport/hobby when I was 14 years old, and can still say that I do it at age 31. To put it simply, it's fun. In fact, if you've never shot a bow in your life, I think it's time you gave it a shot. No pun intended. Archery bows are not just for those who hunt deer or turkeys. Shooting a bow is for anyone who enjoys the act itself. I have never been hunting in my life. I practice with targets made from hay bales. Now, before you get to excited and turn into Robin Hood, I should remind you that there are some imperative supplies involved. Well, are you ready to get started?
Alright, as you probably already know, archery dates back many centuries. The bow and arrow not only pre-dates the firearm, but it actually came before a lot of useful new-age weaponry. I personally love archery bows for a few grand reasons. Here they are! One; the bow and arrow are virtually silent. While there may be a soft whip of the wind, an arrow travels completely different than a bullet. There's no BANG! Two; I love the fact that archery bows cannot just go off. They must be drawn and released. Therefore, no small child is going to accidentally shoot him/herself with an arrow. Three; archery bows have outstanding penetrating abilities. I can take my 45 and shoot a heavy sandbag, and the bullet will stick inside it. Then I can take my bow and do the same, but the arrow will blow through. How cool it that? Four; archery is just plain and simply fun. There is a definite nostalgia that goes along with it. It's something wonderful you can pass along to your children. I am almost ready to teach my daughter archery. She can hardly wait to wrap her hand around that bow handle.
With archery, comes a great deal of responsibility. You certainly have to have the right place to enjoy your archery bows. For example, you would never shoot your long bow in the back yard if you had neighbors right next to you. Living in the suburbs can be a bummer that way. You will have to search for an archery range in your area instead. Although archery bows are a blast, you must take the proper safety precautions at all times.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Utube Video

Utube Video has become one of the most popular ways to get your video clip online these days and with the help of camcorders that most houses have these days some very interesting video clips are showing up on sites like utube video clips on the other end of the scale we have smaller scale sites making the most of the action such as utube video camcorder also taking advantage of the u tube video keyword phrase although both sites have different intentions both sites full the need for other utube business such as which recently has been seeing over 2 million vistiors per month and the owner of the piping company has even gone as far as to sue the original u tube video site because of unwanted traffic . WHY ? many would ask surely having an extra 2 million visitors to your website per month is a good thing ? right ? even if you are selling pipes it must be tempting to change to a site something like u tube video clips you never know google might turn around and see you as a threat and buy you out , they did pay around 1.6 billion for so something has to be said for the video site craze. All i know is if it was me I would be sure to have my site advertise at least some sort of video product . Could easily kick up your feet and move to some island and relax your life away while you smiled away at your fortune .Well thats my small rant for today Smiles

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr Dre

"Andre Young, a.k.a. Dr. Dre, co-founded the notorious rap group N.W.A. (with Ice Cube and Eazy-E). The group was one of the most successful hip-hop groups of the late 1980s and helped lay the foundations of west coast gangsta rap. Dre's 1993 solo effort, The Chronic, was a critical and popular success. Later in the 1990's, Dre turned his attention to producing. He helped launch the careers of Warren G., Snoop Dogg and Eve of Destruction, and in 1999 Dr. Dre helped produce Eminem's top-selling The Slim Shady LP."
Dr Dre Snoop Dog Fan Site

Airport Car Rentals

If you fly a lot, you probably are used to dealing with airport car rentals. Though most airports have these, there are some smaller ones that don’t. What you may not know is that these are often the most expensive car rentals out there, and there are a few things that you can do to save money when you must rent a car. No one wants to tell you, of course, but with a few phone calls you can save a few dollars on each and every one of your rentals.
You can use the airport car rentals if you want to, and I know that they are very convenient. However, if you do a lot of traveling, you may be tired of the cost that is associated with these rentals. What I learned when trying to find a decently priced car rental, I called the rental companies in my small city. They told me that they have rentals in the city, and they also have airport rentals. When I said I really needed to save some money, the woman on the phone told me a secret that you might not know.
If you ask the people at the counters of the airport car rentals, they most certainly won’t tell you this secret. It might not even be a huge secret, and it may not jive in every city or airport, but this is what I found. Airport car rentals are usually more expensive than if you were to go with a company that has an office in the city nearby. So if you find a company that will pick you up and take you to their office, or bring the car to you, you can save money by skipping the airport car rentals and calling someone else.
If you want to skip the airport car rentals by doing this, you may even save if they can’t pick you up. You may be able to get a free shuttle from the airport to the rental office. The cost of a cab into the rental office might seem like an extra expense, but at times even with the cost of the cab you will save more money if you skip the airport car rental and go to the nearby office. Sometimes you will even find that some companies have offices at the airport and in town, and you will see that sometimes their prices do indeed differ.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Laser Hair Removal Information

In 1995, one century after the discovery of x-rays, FDA cleared the first laser for hair removal in the US, the SoftLight™ Nd:YAG by ThermoLase. [2] This device was rushed to market without adequate testing of effectiveness. It was marketed illegally as painless and permanent until FDA stepped in. It uses a carbon-based lotion as a chromophore. This lotion was rubbed into the skin following waxing, with the hope it would penetrate the follicle. The laser would then rapidly heat the carbon, causing a shock wave of energy that had the potential to damage nearby cells. This process was found to be more complicated and less effective than targeting chromophores that occur naturally in the skin.
The device was sold to physicians and treatments were offered in a chain of proprietary clinics called Spa Thira, primarily in affluent communities. Consumers basically paid to be guinea pigs. By the time a medical paper appeared in 1997 which observed full regrowth of all hair [3], consumers had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatments. They quickly shifted their marketing strategy away from permanent hair removal to a "hair-management strategy," but word was beginning to get out.
In 1998 a class action suit was brought against the company by a consumer alleging ThermoLase "advertised SoftLight laser hair removal as long lasting with the knowledge that such treatments did not achieve that result." [4] ThermoLase quietly settled out of court later that year. In 1999, following other lawsuits and an annual loss of over $41 million, they began closing or selling their spas. [5] In 2000, with the stock down 92% from its high, ThermoLase was folded back into its parent company, which no longer manufactures or markets SoftLight in the U.S.
Wave 5 lasers: 1997 to present
In 1997 FDA cleared several types of devices that target melanin in the hair (see also flashlamps). As with the earlier devices, these devices were rushed to market without adequate testing of effectiveness.
Incremental improvements in equipment since 1997, such as more ergonomically-designed handpieces and methods of epidermal cooling, have made treatment generally more tolerable and reduced the likelihood of some side effects. The publication of clinical observations have also led to more optimized treatment parameters, but understanding of lasers and their long-term effects on hair and other skin structures is still in the early stages.
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Africa Safari

One vacation that many couples dream about is visiting Africa. A trip to such an exotic locale can usually draw a couple closer and strengthen the bond that they share. The raw and animal qualities that are in the wild untamed lands can bring out the animal in all of us. An African safari has become more affordable and a favored vacation idea for newlywed couples looking for a memorable honeymoon experience.

There are few places that one can fully appreciate a sunset or the star filled nights as on a trip like this. Many of the guides that are involved with an African safari will keep the trip safe, yet will do all that they can to make it one that will be a memory that will never be forgotten. Your tour guide will explain every detail of your African safari and they’ll ensure that you’ll see and feel what the region has to offer. A lot of visitors wind up going on an African safari at least a few times in their life because they instantly fall in love with the experience.

Many people are also taken with the animals they see as they move along the African savanna. With the dry wind whipping past and the sun glaring down, the wildlife brings forth something that can not be seen anywhere else in the world. The savanna is just one area that can be seen on an African safari though. There are also lush areas that are filled with colorful forms of life and also the high lands to the south. A skilled guide will find a way to make the African safari something that will showcase all of this and make the whole experience last long beyond the typical two weeks that these adventures can take.

There are individuals who enjoy these adventures alone, but they are truly special when they are shared with someone else. Even a family can experience the adventure in a way that will teach more to children than any movie or book ever will. Some of Ernest Hemingway’s greatest inspirations can from his trips to Africa during the course of his life. He is only on example of someone that has shown the beauty that can be experienced on an African safari.

If you have a “to do” list, you should consider putting a trip to Africa on it. Once you are there, soaking up the atmosphere, hearing and seeing all the continent has to offer, you’ll sing the praises an African safari to everyone.

Acting Books

I have been reviewing books on acting for a drama weekly for about three years now. In all that time, I have yet to find an acting book that compares to real acting experience. Don't get me wrong, acting books have their place. They often contain an almost encyclopedic discussion of various acting methodologies and approaches, as well as useful contact information that might take a while to find on your own. None of this, however, takes the place of a good acting course.

The only real use for acting books I can see is to help you to take your first steps into the world of acting. After that, it is all up to you. You see, you can study all of the acting books that you want, and try out every acting technique known to man on your own, but if you can not use these to impress a director, they are worthless. For some people, acting requires a lot of methodology, but the methodology is not the point. The point is figuring out what you want to do and finding ways to do it. Some professional actors know so many techniques that they write acting books on their own, but others know very little. It is enough for them to dive into the mind of the character, and make him come alive.

Honestly, instead of spending that hard earned money that actors tend to have in such small quantities on acting books, you should consider getting a few drama books instead. Books of plays, especially classic plays, are an actor's best friend. Theater, after all, is one of the original art forms. The more deeply you can delve into it, the more it will strengthen your acting. This is true even if you are a movie actor. Many of the best movie actors started out with Shakespearean acting courses. Very few of them read many acting books.

Of course, I don't want to discourage you entirely. If acting books inspire you, you should read them. Whatever inspires you to act is important and worthwhile. Just remember, the purpose of these acting books is inspiration and ideas. Although they can be great sources, none of them will give you real acting experience. You have to go out and get that on your own. You will have to take acting courses, go to acting workshops, and of course hustle for jobs like the rest of the acting world.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unique Christmas Gifts

Over the years I've built up a reputation among my friends and relatives as being someone that always comes through with unique Christmas gifts. I'm not the kind of person that settles for giving neckties, socks, perfume, or boxes of chocolate as presents. When I'm shopping for people I care about, I don't mind taking extra time to find something truly special. Because of my reputation, others often come to me for advice about how and where to buy unique Christmas gifts. These are the two guidelines that I share with them.
First, in order to buy a unique Christmas gift that will be appreciated by the recipient, you have to be willing to use your intuition and take some chances. Sure, you can simply ask the person what they would like or you can buy something for their home or office that you know they'll be able to use. But in all likelihood, you're not going to come up with a unique Christmas gift by being so conservative. If there's ever a time to think outside the box, it's when you're trying to find a really unique Christmas gift for the important people on your list. So go ahead and buy things they've never used before or wouldn't dream of getting for themselves. Purchase an experience instead of a tangible product. There are many different things you can do in order to find unique Christmas gifts.
Second, it would be wise to stay out of typical suburban shopping malls. Let's face it, there's very little chance of being able to find a unique Christmas gift at the mall. Most of the stores in the mall basically sell carbon copies of the same goods in slightly different packaging. Instead of going to the mall, I search for unique Christmas gifts online. When you shop on the Internet, you have access to wide range of products from retailers located all around the world. You'll have more options than you could ever get from a single store and you'll be able to buy truly authentic presents as well. For example, if you wanted to give someone a Japanese kimono, wouldn't you rather order it online directly from Japan than settle for a knockoff at the mall?
As you can see, it's actually not that difficult to find unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list this year. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a willingness to go that extra mile. So forget about the malls this holiday season and buy some truly unique Christmas gifts online instead.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Broadway musical

Broadway musical
When I was young, my father told me that I should surround myself with culture and intelligence. He wanted me to be educated and informed about what was going on in the world. He would take me to art shows and plays in order to expose me to the arts. I went to my first Broadway musical when I was in middle school. He had gotten two tickets to the Phantom of the Opera Broadway musical in New York City. A week before our trip to the city, he purchased the soundtrack to it so that I could know a bit about it ahead of time. Listening to the music was nothing like actually being there.
The day came for my first Broadway musical journey and it was pouring. I dressed up as nicely as I could and we headed for the bus station. Much to our dismay, it was still raining intensely when we arrived in New York City. Rivers of umbrellas walked down the streets and we tried to merge with them. The two of us only had one umbrella however, so it was a challenge. We were wet and cold. I entered the theater more interesting in getting dried off than seeing the Broadway musical that we had endured this weather in order to see. When we took our seats, I still felt damp and the air conditioning made me feel incredibly cold.
I will never forget the first five minutes of that Broadway musical. I was captivated. I honestly think that my mouth was probably hanging open. Everything was breathtaking. The cast was brilliant and more talented than I could have ever imagined. The choreography was perfect and the costumes were flawless. I forgot about being cold and wet. I knew that this would not be my last Broadway musical, there would be many more. The entire show left me in awe. We walked out of the theater and back into the rain. I barely even noticed it, the Broadway musical had left me with such a warm and happy feeling. On the bus trip home, all I could talk about was going to see another Broadway musical. My dad just laughed. He told me that Broadway was addictive, and I believed him. Everything had impressed me, including the city. While I had once been intimidated by the mere thought of New York City, I found myself in love with it. I never once felt as if I wasn't safe. The theater district just seemed so sophisticated to me at the time. It still does. I've seen more than one Broadway musical now that I'm in my adult years. I must say though, that Phantom, still tops my list as my favorite Broadway musical.