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Laser Hair Removal Information

In 1995, one century after the discovery of x-rays, FDA cleared the first laser for hair removal in the US, the SoftLight™ Nd:YAG by ThermoLase. [2] This device was rushed to market without adequate testing of effectiveness. It was marketed illegally as painless and permanent until FDA stepped in. It uses a carbon-based lotion as a chromophore. This lotion was rubbed into the skin following waxing, with the hope it would penetrate the follicle. The laser would then rapidly heat the carbon, causing a shock wave of energy that had the potential to damage nearby cells. This process was found to be more complicated and less effective than targeting chromophores that occur naturally in the skin.
The device was sold to physicians and treatments were offered in a chain of proprietary clinics called Spa Thira, primarily in affluent communities. Consumers basically paid to be guinea pigs. By the time a medical paper appeared in 1997 which observed full regrowth of all hair [3], consumers had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on treatments. They quickly shifted their marketing strategy away from permanent hair removal to a "hair-management strategy," but word was beginning to get out.
In 1998 a class action suit was brought against the company by a consumer alleging ThermoLase "advertised SoftLight laser hair removal as long lasting with the knowledge that such treatments did not achieve that result." [4] ThermoLase quietly settled out of court later that year. In 1999, following other lawsuits and an annual loss of over $41 million, they began closing or selling their spas. [5] In 2000, with the stock down 92% from its high, ThermoLase was folded back into its parent company, which no longer manufactures or markets SoftLight in the U.S.
Wave 5 lasers: 1997 to present
In 1997 FDA cleared several types of devices that target melanin in the hair (see also flashlamps). As with the earlier devices, these devices were rushed to market without adequate testing of effectiveness.
Incremental improvements in equipment since 1997, such as more ergonomically-designed handpieces and methods of epidermal cooling, have made treatment generally more tolerable and reduced the likelihood of some side effects. The publication of clinical observations have also led to more optimized treatment parameters, but understanding of lasers and their long-term effects on hair and other skin structures is still in the early stages.
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webuk said...

Although laser hair removal is more expensive than traditional hair removal procedures, it can be just a one time cost as the results are much longer lasting.
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bestonline323 said...

I've also spent a wad of money in laser hair removal. The first million was a near waste. The hair grew back but not as badly after four sessions. Her laser was too weak and the sessions should have been two months apart. I'm currently going to Ideal Image for full face, neck, and cleavage. And praise God from whom all blessings flow - I'm not afraid to let folks get close to my face. I'd arm wrestle any man who would come near to touching my face. I'm getting nine - yes - nine sessions for a gazillion dollars. I just had my fourth session and I'm so pleased with the results that I can cry. I know I have before. The first four sessions are two months apart and the last ones are three months apart.

I bought a Remington Smooth and Silky with the rest of my birthday money. I have one already but the blades and coils needed to be replaced. I went out searching for parts. I ended up at Wal-Mart and after summing up the price of the parts plus s/h because I couldn't find it in stores - the only smart thing to do was buy a new one. I got it for $39 and it's retailed at $55 on Remington's site. And it came with a pen like detailer. Mmmm. I'm actually scared to use it. Today I used the shaver and low and behold I'm incredibly smooth. Smoother than with my old one. I'm rubbing my legs together like a cricket. Sheets and clothes feel different too. And Ciara's fur felt so good when she did her cat like figure eights against my legs.

I'm off to enjoy my smoothness because in about 8 hours it will all be itchy stubble.


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