Monday, November 20, 2006

Airport Car Rentals

If you fly a lot, you probably are used to dealing with airport car rentals. Though most airports have these, there are some smaller ones that don’t. What you may not know is that these are often the most expensive car rentals out there, and there are a few things that you can do to save money when you must rent a car. No one wants to tell you, of course, but with a few phone calls you can save a few dollars on each and every one of your rentals.
You can use the airport car rentals if you want to, and I know that they are very convenient. However, if you do a lot of traveling, you may be tired of the cost that is associated with these rentals. What I learned when trying to find a decently priced car rental, I called the rental companies in my small city. They told me that they have rentals in the city, and they also have airport rentals. When I said I really needed to save some money, the woman on the phone told me a secret that you might not know.
If you ask the people at the counters of the airport car rentals, they most certainly won’t tell you this secret. It might not even be a huge secret, and it may not jive in every city or airport, but this is what I found. Airport car rentals are usually more expensive than if you were to go with a company that has an office in the city nearby. So if you find a company that will pick you up and take you to their office, or bring the car to you, you can save money by skipping the airport car rentals and calling someone else.
If you want to skip the airport car rentals by doing this, you may even save if they can’t pick you up. You may be able to get a free shuttle from the airport to the rental office. The cost of a cab into the rental office might seem like an extra expense, but at times even with the cost of the cab you will save more money if you skip the airport car rental and go to the nearby office. Sometimes you will even find that some companies have offices at the airport and in town, and you will see that sometimes their prices do indeed differ.

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