Sunday, October 22, 2006

Broadway musical

Broadway musical
When I was young, my father told me that I should surround myself with culture and intelligence. He wanted me to be educated and informed about what was going on in the world. He would take me to art shows and plays in order to expose me to the arts. I went to my first Broadway musical when I was in middle school. He had gotten two tickets to the Phantom of the Opera Broadway musical in New York City. A week before our trip to the city, he purchased the soundtrack to it so that I could know a bit about it ahead of time. Listening to the music was nothing like actually being there.
The day came for my first Broadway musical journey and it was pouring. I dressed up as nicely as I could and we headed for the bus station. Much to our dismay, it was still raining intensely when we arrived in New York City. Rivers of umbrellas walked down the streets and we tried to merge with them. The two of us only had one umbrella however, so it was a challenge. We were wet and cold. I entered the theater more interesting in getting dried off than seeing the Broadway musical that we had endured this weather in order to see. When we took our seats, I still felt damp and the air conditioning made me feel incredibly cold.
I will never forget the first five minutes of that Broadway musical. I was captivated. I honestly think that my mouth was probably hanging open. Everything was breathtaking. The cast was brilliant and more talented than I could have ever imagined. The choreography was perfect and the costumes were flawless. I forgot about being cold and wet. I knew that this would not be my last Broadway musical, there would be many more. The entire show left me in awe. We walked out of the theater and back into the rain. I barely even noticed it, the Broadway musical had left me with such a warm and happy feeling. On the bus trip home, all I could talk about was going to see another Broadway musical. My dad just laughed. He told me that Broadway was addictive, and I believed him. Everything had impressed me, including the city. While I had once been intimidated by the mere thought of New York City, I found myself in love with it. I never once felt as if I wasn't safe. The theater district just seemed so sophisticated to me at the time. It still does. I've seen more than one Broadway musical now that I'm in my adult years. I must say though, that Phantom, still tops my list as my favorite Broadway musical.