Friday, December 01, 2006

My Rant On Archery Bows

I am here today to rant about archery. I started this sport/hobby when I was 14 years old, and can still say that I do it at age 31. To put it simply, it's fun. In fact, if you've never shot a bow in your life, I think it's time you gave it a shot. No pun intended. Archery bows are not just for those who hunt deer or turkeys. Shooting a bow is for anyone who enjoys the act itself. I have never been hunting in my life. I practice with targets made from hay bales. Now, before you get to excited and turn into Robin Hood, I should remind you that there are some imperative supplies involved. Well, are you ready to get started?
Alright, as you probably already know, archery dates back many centuries. The bow and arrow not only pre-dates the firearm, but it actually came before a lot of useful new-age weaponry. I personally love archery bows for a few grand reasons. Here they are! One; the bow and arrow are virtually silent. While there may be a soft whip of the wind, an arrow travels completely different than a bullet. There's no BANG! Two; I love the fact that archery bows cannot just go off. They must be drawn and released. Therefore, no small child is going to accidentally shoot him/herself with an arrow. Three; archery bows have outstanding penetrating abilities. I can take my 45 and shoot a heavy sandbag, and the bullet will stick inside it. Then I can take my bow and do the same, but the arrow will blow through. How cool it that? Four; archery is just plain and simply fun. There is a definite nostalgia that goes along with it. It's something wonderful you can pass along to your children. I am almost ready to teach my daughter archery. She can hardly wait to wrap her hand around that bow handle.
With archery, comes a great deal of responsibility. You certainly have to have the right place to enjoy your archery bows. For example, you would never shoot your long bow in the back yard if you had neighbors right next to you. Living in the suburbs can be a bummer that way. You will have to search for an archery range in your area instead. Although archery bows are a blast, you must take the proper safety precautions at all times.