Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Discount Office Furniture

When I first thought about starting up my own discount office furniture store, it felt more like a pipe dream than a realistic business proposal. It seemed like there were literally dozens of places around where I could get big office furniture discounts without even looking. I could go to Target, the mall, the thrift stores, and some major office furniture store chains as well. How would I ever convince people to buy discount office furniture from me?
When the answer came to me, it was so obvious that I wondered why I had never thought of it before. I would specialize in used office furniture while also selling people new stuff if they wanted to buy it. I would give people the opportunity to use office furniture that would normally be way out of their price range by selling stuff that, although no longer new, still looked pretty good. That would give my discount office furniture store a niche – a special something that no one else seemed to have.
Of course, my discount office furniture store was not the only place where you could find office furniture used. There was the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and a half a dozen other thrift stores, not to mention a few open air flea markets. But none of those places tended to have very good wares. You never really knew what you were getting when you went to a thrift store to find discount office furniture. Every once in a while, you would end up with an absolute treasure. Most of the time, however, there would not be anything there worth a second glance. Thrift stores, you see, do not specialize in discount office furniture, and it shows.
This is what would give my discount office furniture outlet an edge over those thrift stores. Rather than taking whatever people were willing to donate, I actually searched for my used furniture. I only sold the best. None of the discount office furniture that I had on display had holes in it, and the visible wear and tear on most of the items was light. Many were bought from rent to own places, and had been taken good care of by customers anxious to not incur fees for damaging the discount furnishings. All in all, that business was a great idea. It has taken a while to get going, but now it seems to be working out for me pretty well.


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Kelley said...

Your blog is quite interesting.

Be Well.

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