Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scary Mirrored Contact Lenses

Mirrored contact lenses are the most popular category of crazy contact lenses. They are based on the principle that the on looker can easily see his face in the eyes of the person who is wearing mirrored contact lenses. This is such an amazing phenomena of mirrored contact lenses; that they act like a one way mirror. Your eyes will sparkle with glow when you wear these novelty industry’s contact lenses. They are normally preferred to be worn on occasions when you want to make people scared to death. The idea of mirrored contact lenses emerged when the theaters started playing such characters in which there was a need of reflecting eyes. Cat is an animal that has colored and very bright eyes that reflect the light when exposed to sunlight or artificial light. Similarly the artists really like the idea that their line of sight is being reflected on the stage and gives quite a different look to the overall look of a person.