Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Diazepam+Amino Acids

Diazepam and Amino Acids
Although considerable medical literature on the network and composition of brain cells (neurons) is not available, however, evidence shows that a number of amino acids acts as the excitatory neurons in the Central Nervous System of humans and other mammals. Two amino acids hold significant importance in this regards. These are: Glutamate and Asparate. These two amino acids are believed to have a relationship with the seizure disorders and epilepsy (both are one of the symptoms of anxiety disorder). A medical study revealed a decreased amount of amino acids in patients with epilepsy. When treated with diazepam, a noteworthy change in the number of Poly morphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) free amino acid radicals was observed. It was observed that Diazepam had positive effect on the amalgamation and release of GABA and other neurochemicals. It was also observed that diazepam showed a protecting effect on the brain cells and controlled the function of these brains cells by releasing free radicals of amino acids. It was also observed that diazepam enhanced the GABAugic functions by synthesizing these amino acids.