Sunday, August 16, 2009

Online Pharmacy For Generic Durgs

Generic drugs
Generic drugs are the drugs which do not hold any proprietary rights and can be manufactured by any FDA approved pharmaceutical company. Every drug when produced is named with a chemical name and a generic name. The generic names are given by an authority called Adopted Names Council of United States. The producer of the drug files for a patent to register its chemical formula and to register the brand name. The brand name is suggested by the manufacturer itself and gets patented after being approved by FDA. Once patented the drug’s chemical formula and brand name becomes a registered trademark of the manufacturer and no else holds the right to produce or market the drug. The patent remains alive for almost 20 years. Once the patent expires, the company initially holding the copy rights loses the exclusive right to manufacture and market the drug. So, other companies get the opportunity to manufacture the drug and market it until anyone else gets a patent again. These drugs with expired patents are sold with their generic names and hence called generic drugs.