Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Stores Sell Electronic Cigarettes

Another quit smoking benefit you should be aware of is the rapid improvement in your blood quality. Chemicals in tobacco smoke contaminate the blood. These include nicotine of course but also carbon monoxide, a deadly gas.

The carbon monoxide gas molecules attach themselves to haemoglobin molecules in your red blood cells and effectively handcuff them. Once handcuffed, the red blood cells lose their ability to function and they stop transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the blood via the lungs. Stores That Sell Electronic Cigarettes

The net result is that a smoker’s blood is only functioning to about 85% of its optimum capacity. Quitting smoking allows the blood to recover very quickly and it will become 100% efficient again in as little as two days!

A third quit smoking benefit all smokers should be aware of is that they will see a marked improvement in their circulation within the space of a few of months.


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