Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Rise of Nightmares Kinect Game Review

Rise of Nightmares is a single player Survival-Horror game exclusive to Xbox 360 that brings truly mature gameplay to the console’s Kinect Sensor* accessory for the first time. Utilizing the Kinect Sensor’s unique motion capture technology, the game allows for completely controller-free gameplay in a spine-tingling game environment filled with fearful anticipation, terror and of course, zombies. Rise of Nightmares is a true first – an unabashedly mature experience for Xbox 360 using the Kinect Sensor. This game was released last September 6, 2011 with ★★★★☆ on customers review. Easy to use and fun for everyone. Order Rise of Nightmares for as low as $19.40 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Additional features of the game include: a gripping storyline, dozens of melee and bladed weapons.

Product Features
  • Use your whole body to fight the undead horde with physical brutality.
  • Navigate through Viktor’s castle with free movement control, uncover the secrets held within and delve deeper into his the mind of a madman.
  • Master the different fighting styles and various degradable melee and bladed weapons, stealthy sneaking and puzzle-solving.
  • A full, cinematic gaming experience set in a twisted and astonishing world that grips you from the very start.
  • Rise of Nightmares is an intensely immersive experience that brings horror to life like never before.
Product Details
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Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
Media: Video Game

To survive Josh’s nightmare you will need to utilize the Kinect Sensor to explore the game environments and discover the weapons needed to combat enemies. Diverse weapons of both the melee and slashing variety. These include everything from the standard fare of knives, axes, chainsaws and your bare hands and feet, to more gory contraptions that will rip your foes limb from limb if wielded correctly. Adding to your horrific challenge, certain enemies may require attacks using specific weapons or combinations of weapons, and weapons are also degradable – meaning that they have a limited shelf life and must be used wisely. Rise of Nightmares takes you into a cinematic world of horrific blood and violence.