Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wholesale Artificial Putting Green Turf Buy Now

While purchasing for putting greens, you have to decide what kind of material you would want. If you want to go for a cheap budget then the synthetic material is the choice, however synthetic material does not give that look and act that is provided by a little more expensive, engineered synthetic fiber. High quality synthetic fibers will allow home based golfers the perfect opportunity to practice their daily game, with the perfection of a real golf course. Low quality synthetic fiber may need a little sand filling from time to time and may require some maintenance. The cost a putting green is dependable upon the size that is chosen. It would range from $2 to $5 per sq.ft , along with installation charges that could range from$6 to $10 per s.ft. There are also options of either taking professional help in installation or following self to do installation guides, however, it is recommended that a new user should opt for professional help even though it is extra costs, it is best for a long term usage of probably a decade.